Episode 142 - Dr Frank Merritt


Dr. Frank Merritt is the founder of VitalityPro (myvitalitypro.com), a company dedicated to improving quality of life and athletic performance through research and development of new innovative health and exercise modalities, techniques and systems. As a physician in his 20th year of practice as well as with VitalityPro, Dr Merritt has worked with a wide variety of elite athletes and athletic organizations. Dr. Merritt obtained his undergraduate degree from Harding University, published post-graduate research at Pepperdine University and got his medical degree at the University of Alabama School of Medicine at Birmingham (UAB).

In addition to VitalityPro, he continues to practice emergency medicine in a regional trauma center. He maintains a board certificate in Internal Medicine which he utilizes in multiple charitable, pro bono endeavors both domestic and abroad. He is a husband and father who greatly enjoys time with his family. They “practice what they preach” and can often be found playing sports on their football/training field behind their house or in the ocean surfing, swimming or fishing.

Vitality Pro Website:


Dr Merritt’s Book:

The 17 Hour Fast: Reset Your Eating to Revitalize Your Life - Dr. Frank Merritt and Phil White

Other recommended books:

Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren

Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life - Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Recommended Movie:

It’s a Wonderful Life