Episode 131 - Mohammad Jamal Deen


Mohammad Jamal Deen is currently an Anesthetist (CRNA) in training in Northern California. His passions include Anesthesia and Global Health. He has significant backgrounds in medical humanitarian efforts. His work spans from Mali, West Africa to helping Palestine, Syrian, Afghani, Iraqi and African refugees across the globe. He has led teams of healthcare professionals in Lebanon, near the borders of Syria, spent months living in a tent taking care of refugees in Northern Greece as well as other Eastern European Countries. He was often the sole healthcare provider on many nights.

As the son of a Palestinian refugee, the refugee has not just been a global matter, but a personal one. He can be seen in the Documentary “No Place Like Hope” and his TED Talk “What if we were friends”.

Mohammad’s TED Talk:


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Recommended Books:

Nights in Gaza - Mads Gilbert

There’s No Place Like Hope - Vickie Girard

Recommended Documentary :

The White Helmets