Episode 182 - Kyle Reyes


Kyle Reyes is the President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today and the Host of The Whiskey Patriots.

Reyes makes regular appearances in the national media.

As President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, he has assembled a comprehensive marketing team that fills the roles of Chief Marketing Officer and the entire support staff for the businesses that The Silent Partner Marketing works with.

Reyes, a former Producer of News and Special Projects, worked for nearly a decade in broadcast journalism - including television, radio and print.

A renowned keynote speaker, Reyes has been hired by a wide variety of industries for speaking and consulting in the extremely candid, unabashed and wildly...well, outrageous...style that he runs his company with.

Reyes lives in Connecticut with his wife, daughters and three furry creatures.

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Here comes the snowplow

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