Episode 197 - TJ Cooper


T.J. Cooper has been a lead trainer in tactical topics since 1987. Mr. Cooper teaches civilian, law enforcement and military agencies on demand. As a lead tactical trainer, Mr. Cooper continually trains, attends and teaches high liability topics in criminal justice academies, colleges and training forums. 

Mr. Cooper holds the rank of Sergeant and recently retired from the agency’s SWAT Unit, where he acts as a team leader and training coordinator. Mr. Cooper is also a consultant, with tactical certifications as an instructor trainer from several national companies to include P.P.C.T. Management, L.E.A.D. Inc., I.P.T.M., The N.T.O.A., IALEFI, and ILLEETA among others. Mr. Cooper has graduated from a host of highly rated programs to include those offered by FLETC, A.T.F., and the F.B.I., as well as a host of notable training courses offered by H&K International, Singleton International, C.S.A.T., and the Universal Shooting Academy.  Training has occurred in programs ranging from Aircraft Assaults to Waterborne Operations.

A writer of several published articles and manuals, Mr. Cooper has an Associate Degree in General Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management. Mr. Cooper is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician / Tactical Medic , Personal Fitness consultant and is continuing a slow pursuit of a Masters Degree in education.

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