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Episode 29 - Lesia Cartelli

Lesia Stockall Cartelli endured a serious burn injury over 50% of her face and body from a natural gas explosion at the age of nine. Her grandparent’s home was completely destroyed, yet her spirit survived.
She transformed her pain into a life of passion and purpose. Lesia insists that we are here on Earth to do more than simply survive.

Cartelli founded Angel Faces, a unique national nonprofit organization. Angel Faces provides healing retreats and ongoing support that inspires adolescent girls and young women with burn/trauma injuries to achieve their optimum potential and develop meaningful relationships for them, their families, and their communities.

Resiliency and courage motivated Cartelli to face her fear of fire at age 33. She suited up in breathing apparatus, full firefighting gear, and entered a burning building known as a “control burn.” Her fear conquered, she married the fire captain who led her into the fire to face her fears.

She was chosen and featured on CNN’s “Human Factor” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, HLN, ABC NEWS 20/20, Associated Press Wire (video and print), and PBS, among other national TV media venues. Cartelli has received many prestigious awards for her leadership and inspiration including the Heart of a Woman Award on the Dr. Phil Show. She is regularly interviewed radio stations, and has been heard on Doctor Radio, Sirius and Clear Channel.

Readers Digest and Woman’s Day have written about her. Cartelli’s own articles have been published in USA Today and on CNN Blogs.  Cartelli is a dynamic captivating internationally known motivational speaker for private corporations and medical, trauma and burn conferences.  She lives in southern California with her husband Bruce and their standard poodle, Bently. Cartelli loves adventure travel and riding her Harley Davidson.

Angel faces:

Lesia's book:  Heart of Fire

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