Episode 51 - Mike Bledsoe


Enter a gym. You’ll find elite athletes exemplifying the purpose of the place. You’ll find trainers sharing knowledge on technique, diet and exercise. You’ll likely find the gym owner who is grasping the entire operation, and if you talk to the owner, you may learn of a person who motivated their interest in optimizing human physiology…or, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find Mike Bledsoe, in which case you’ve met all the above (and more) in one person.

Empowering the mind/body connection is sort of a must in Mike’s world. As CEO of Barbell Shrugged, which optimizes business operations for major national gyms, as well as being CrossFit Level One certified, Mike can’t abide physiological mediocrity in any regard. Plus, he needs energy left over to explain his realm to the rest of us as CEO of Fitr.tv, a production company for health and fitness media, as well as host of Barbell Shrugged, the #1 fitness podcast on ITunes. His earlier incarnations included Navy veteran and a Health & Human Performance degree from the University of Memphis, parlaying those expertise into certified training credentials with both USA Weightlifting Performance and National Strength & Conditioning Association .

Mike approaches his domain in a uniquely integral way. He sees no line between physical and mental health. He values a high performing nootropic as readily as an ideal strength building diet. As an adjunct professor at University of Memphis or guest speaking elsewhere on fitness and business development, he’s viewing the potential of his students and clients as a single unit of capacity. And you thought gyms were for meatheads.

Barbell Shrugged: http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/

Book:  The Untethered Soul - Michael A Singer

Movie:  Cloud Atlas

Documentary:  King Corn