Episode 131 - Mohammad Jamal Deen


Mohammad Jamal Deen is currently an Anesthetist (CRNA) in training in Northern California. His passions include Anesthesia and Global Health. He has significant backgrounds in medical humanitarian efforts. His work spans from Mali, West Africa to helping Palestine, Syrian, Afghani, Iraqi and African refugees across the globe. He has led teams of healthcare professionals in Lebanon, near the borders of Syria, spent months living in a tent taking care of refugees in Northern Greece as well as other Eastern European Countries. He was often the sole healthcare provider on many nights.

As the son of a Palestinian refugee, the refugee has not just been a global matter, but a personal one. He can be seen in the Documentary “No Place Like Hope” and his TED Talk “What if we were friends”.

Mohammad’s TED Talk:


Instagram: jd.moha

Reach Out Worldwide:


Recommended Books:

Nights in Gaza - Mads Gilbert

There’s No Place Like Hope - Vickie Girard

Recommended Documentary :

The White Helmets

Episode 130 - Tom "Bull" Hill


Tom “Bull” Hill is a retired firefighter and one of the founding members of Orange County’s special operations team; Squad 1. After witnessing more than half of his squad brothers pass away from a host of physical diseases, Tom decided to honour a promise he made to two of the men. This promise meant addressing the fact that these firefighter’s families were left with nothing after they died, as Florida does not have a Cancer presumption law.

Tom bought a backpack, adorned it with the names of the fallen from his department and those around him, and drove to Key West. He then preceded to walk 1000 miles, meeting hundreds of firefighters and grieving families along the way. After this walk, Bull undertook a similar walk in Kentucky and is now getting ready to walk the West coast of Florida.

My Brothers’ Burden Walk website:



My Brothers’ Burden Walk



Recommended Books:

The Bible

The Big Book - Bill W

Recommended Documentary:

The Kindness Diaries

Recommended Movies:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Vision Quest

Episode 129 - Brian MacKenzie


Brian Mackenzie is an expert in the development and application of custom protocols to optimize human health and performance. His work harnesses and integrates respiratory, movement, strength and endurance-based training approaches to elicit unprecedented positive results. His protocols have been used to accelerate and raise both mental and physical performance in world-class Olympic and professional athletes, top exceutives, and elite military operators, as well as to improve the health for people suffering from various chronic illnesses. Everyday people have also used Brian’s tools to reduce pathologic stress and to vastly heighten their mental and physical well being and performance.

A highly unique feature of Brian’s approach is that he voluntarily and repeatedly subjects his protocols to rigorous 3rd party scientific testing, re-testing and improvement, at top institutions including Stanford University School of Medicine, Florida A&M University and The Center for Sports Performance. Few, if any, experts directly seek to apply unbiased laboratory and field testing to their craft as Mackenzie does.

Brian is himself a highly accomplished athlete. He completed the Ironman (Canada, 2004), completed both the The Western States 100 (2006) mile and The Angeles Crest 100 (2007) mile runs using adapted training protocols he developed to avoid injury and fatigue. Also a prolific writer, Brian co-authored the book Power Speed Endurance, The New York Times Best Seller UnBreakable Runner, and UnPlugged, which assesses the integration of emergent technology and human performance. His programs have been featured in Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Runners World, Triathlete Magazine, Men’s Journal, ESPN Rise, as well as periodicals such as The Economist. Brian and his protocols have been featured in 4 of Timothy Ferriss’ New York Times bestselling books including: “The 4-Hour Body” and “Tools of Titans”.

Brian MacKenzie’s programs have been taught at more than 400 seminars worldwide and are used by thousands of athletes ranging from beginners to elite medalists and record holders via his “Power, Speed, Endurance” platform and by private consultation.

Currently, Brian is the Creative Director at Power Speed Endurance a company focused on the optimization of human performance, corporate performance and the delivery of science based protocols to optimize physical, emotional and cognitive performance for health.

Brian's Website:


Matt Chan's Train For The Win 30 Day Trial:


Brian's Books:

Power Speed ENDURANCE: A Skill-Based Approach to Endurance Training - Brian MacKenzie and Glen Cordoza

Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong - Brian MacKenzie and T.J. Murphy

Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness - Andy Galpin, Brian MacKenzie, and Phil White

Recommended Books:

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari

Consilience - E. O. Wilson

Recommended Movie:


Recommended Documentary:

Jiro Dreams of Sushi



Episode 128 - Ernest Emerson


Ernest Emerson started making custom knives in his garage in 1979. He rapidly rose to prominence as a knife maker due in equal parts to his expertise as a craftsman, (tool and die maker), his artists eye for design, and his practical experience as one of the world’s most sought-after and respected hand-to-hand combat instructors.

Emerson’s work has been featured and exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum. There are only a handful of living artists who can make that claim. As an instructor in hand-to-hand combat and edged weapon skills, Mr. Emerson has taught the most elite warriors on earth, from the US Navy SEALs to the Guards of Parliament in London and everywhere in between.

He is the author of scores of articles, books, and videos regarding tactics, training and combat. As one of the most sought after instructors in the world he is in high demand for seminars and lectures to civilian, military and law enforcement agencies.

He is an inducted member of The Martial Arts Hall of Fame, along with such venerable names as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. In fact he is the only knife maker known who also owns and operates his own training facility, the world-class “Black Shamrock Combat Academy Gym” in Los Angeles, California.

At a time when knives are designed by graphic artists and 22-year-olds who never did more than use a knife to sharpen a pencil, the name Emerson and the company Emerson Knives stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Emerson Knives Website:


Ernest Emerson Podcast Website:



Recommended Books:

The Gift of Fear - Gavin de Becker

The Mighty Atom: The Life and Times of Joseph L. Greenstein - Ed Spielman

The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi

Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss

Recommended Movies:

Last of the Mohicans


Enter The Dragon

Dr Strangelove

Recommended Documentaries:

The Magic Pill


Episode 127 - Dr David Griffin


David Griffin, 38, was the driver of the first engine to respond to the disastrous 2007 Sofa Super Store fire that claimed the lives of nine of his fellow firefighters. Plagued with survivor’s guilt, he numbed himself with alcohol, painkillers, and blood sports so much so that it nearly cost him his life.

A turning point came in the days following a match with nationally ranked mixed-martial arts contender Houston “The Assassin” Alexander. For three days, he sat in darkness, his eyes swelled shut from the battering to his face. He asked himself how his lifestyle honored the nine who were dead.

“One can only sit around for so long and feel sorry for themselves until they have to get up and do something,” Griffin said.

Now, Griffin has completed a Doctorate of Education in organizational leadership and development, training organizations across the globe on the importance of moving away from "the way we've always done it" mentality. He speaks about the Sofa Super Store fire and has helped with massive reforms in how firefighters are trained as well as how executives lead their teams. Griffin has dedicated his life to spreading the message of change to all types of organizations including for-profit, non-profit, and public service.

As a child, Griffin was a puny kid who wasn’t taken seriously. He took up baseball and was told he would never get off the bench. With characteristic defiance and discipline, he trained hard, earned a scholarship to The Citadel, where he played baseball for four years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in education. He went on to play minor league baseball for two seasons in the Frontier League, where he was awarded the Fran Riordan Leadership Award for his community service. He returned to The Citadel following this to coach baseball.

In 2005, Griffin joined the fire service in South Carolina, attaining his Master of Science in executive fire service leadership in 2008 and his Doctorate of Education in organizational leadership and development in 2013. He has been a firefighter, assistant engineer, engineer, and captain on engine and aerial apparatus.  He is currently a Battalion Chief, Deputy Director of Training, and Honor Guard Commander in Charleston, South Carolina.

He continued his athletic pursuits by competing in bodybuilding events, where he was crowned state champion in 2006. He then went on to fight professionally in mixed martial arts and finished his career with a match against UFC fighter Houston Alexander. After MMA, Griffin competed in marathons and Ironman Triathlons. He was a rider in the Brotherhood Bicycle Ride that stretched more than 1,700 miles from Naples, Florida to Ground Zero in honor of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. Today, Griffin is an avid cross fitter, yoga practitioner, and surfer.

Griffin is a certified Chief Fire Officer (CFO) and Chief Training Officer (CTO) through the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) and is currently writing his final research paper to graduate from the Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) at the National Fire Academy. 

On April 25th, 2013, the "Find Your Mission Tour" kicked off. During 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, the tour has made stops in the United States, Canada, and Mexico at over 450 organizations in three different languages, with more than 2500 presentations given to 35,000 plus attendees. The tour includes fire service organizations, police departments, military installations, universities, conferences, private industry organizations, law firms, business corporations, manufacturers, as well as charity events. Please see the "Find Your Mission Tour" page for more details and to schedule a tour stop in 2018, 2019, or 2020. The 2018 Tour began on January 12, 2018 at Texas A&M University for the TEEX Leadership Symposium and will again span across multiple countries.   

Griffin has written three books and is an Amazon Best-Selling author. Books include:  

In Honor of The Charleston 9:  A Study of Change Following Tragedy

ACTION:  9 Missions for Personal and Professional Growth

From PTSD to PTG:  A Firefighter's (MY) Journey After a Multiple LODD Incident. 

His wife, Melissa, has also recently published her first book describing the struggles of a spouse dealing with an emergency responder with PTSD and how she was able to help David recover.  Her book is entitled, Inspiration from a Wife On A Mission Following Tragedy.

David and Melissa have one puppy daughter, a Great Dane named LuLu, age 7.

Other puppy daughters that have gone to heaven include Great Dane ZeeLee, age 10, and Great Dane Bella, age 2.  

Dr Griffin's website:



Low Country Firefighter Support Team:


Recommended Books:

Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

On Combat - Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Recommended Movie:


Remember the Titans

Recommended Documentary:




Episode 126 - Dr Tim Brown


IntelliSkin inventor, Dr. Tim Brown, grew to understand his future creation while working as the medical director on the ASP surf and AVP volleyball tours during the 1980’s. As an early innovator in functional taping, he developed a hybrid kinesiology technique known as SPRT (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping). Used on everyone from Olympians to NFL players, the technique quickly became a staple in the athletic world as it allowed injured athletes to compete despite their injuries.

Dr. Brown’s instinctive techniques got athletes asking for taping remedies so often, that he needed something that could do the job when he wasn’t there. Many late nights of trial and error using remnants of old wetsuits and rash guards, he devised a wearable technology that mimicked his taping technique. Dr. Brown’s goal was to take what he had learned in designing and come up with a comfortable, Smart Compression shirt that would clinically improve posture and spinal alignment for everyone, whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior. Dr. Brown’s ultimate goal is to help everybody to look better, feel better and perform better. 

Dr Brown's Intelliskin Website:


Recommended Books:

True to Form - Dr Eric Goodman

Rebound - Peter Park

The Urban Monk - Pedram Shojai

Recommended Documentary:



Episode 125 - Dr Michael Donato


Dr. Michael Donato, co-owner of Rappahannock Foot & Ankle Specialists joined the practice in 2002.  He obtained his A.B. in Economics  from Princeton University in 1986.   He graduated as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999.   He went on to complete a 3 year Podiatric Surgery and Primary Podiatric Medicine Residency Program at Yale-New Haven Hospital - VA Healthcare System in WestHaven, CT. 

He is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons; Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and is Board Certified in Foot, and Rearfoot Reconstructive/Ankle Surgery;  Fellow, American Professional Wound Care Association; and  a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, the American Podiatric Medical Association, and the Virginia Podiatric Medical,Association. 

As an O2X human performance specialist he provides education regarding footwear selection and gait analysis to first responders, military personnel, elite organizations, and other tactical athletes . He is a regular medical volunteer at the Marine Corps Marathon and the other associated Marine Corps Marathon Race Events.  He is a USA Hockey level 4 hockey coach and after years of being a head coach he currently serves as an assistant coach for the Piedmont Predator Youth Hockey Club.  He is an avid crossfitter and hockey player who participates in masters crossfit competitions and adult hockey tournaments.

Dr Donato's website:


O2X website:


Recommended books:

Anatomy for Runners: Unlocking Your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Prevention - Jay Dicharry

Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance - Glen Cordoza and Kelly Starrett

Recommended Movie:

Coming to America

Saving Private Ryan


Recommended Documentary:

The Civil War - Ken Burns


Episode 124 - Kyle Maynard


Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and ESPY award-winning mixed martial arts athlete, known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics.

Oprah Winfrey called Kyle “one of the most inspiring young men you will ever hear about.” Arnold Schwarzenegger described him as “the real deal,” “a champion human,” and “one of the most inspiring people” he’s ever met. Even the great Wayne Gretzky has spoken of Kyle’s “greatness.”

Despite being born with a rare condition known as congenital amputation, that has left him with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near his knees, he learned early on with the support of his family, to live life independently and without prosthetics. Kyle thrives on physical challenges and following a few rough middle school football seasons; he went on to become a champion wrestler, CrossFit Certified Instructor and gym owner, competitive MMA/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, world record-setting weightlifter, and skilled mountaineer.

In 2012, Kyle became the first quadruple amputee to climb – actually bearcrawl – the 19,340 feet to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics. His 10-day ascent was widely covered by the press, followed on social media, and raised money and awareness for wounded veterans as well as Tanzanian schoolchildren. Upon his return, Kyle won his second ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) award for Best Male Athlete with a Disability.

Four years later, he reached the summit of Argentina’s breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes deadly Mount Aconcagua – the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres, standing at 22,838 feet. Following that epic summit, Nike featured Kyle in the powerful commercial “Unlimited Will,” which debuted globally during the 2016 Olympics, was viewed by millions around the world – and was part of the series that AdWeek named the most memorable of all commercials during the 2016 Olympics.

Kyle has not let his success be defined by anything or anyone but himself. He has lived his life striving to do more, learn more, push harder, go further—and to inspire others to do the same by sharing his story and living by example. Though he tailors his speeches to his audience, his messages are centered on building a life driven by purpose and meaning, the importance of the undying pursuit of dreams, and the belief that no obstacle is too great and nothing in their lives can keep them from accomplishing their goals.

As a motivational speaker with a mission to inspire, he travels more than 200 days annually, across continents, speaking to hundreds of public and private schools and universities, events and conventions, and the many corporations that hire him to share his “No Excuses” philosophy and principles.

Kyle has shared the stage with the world`s greatest minds spanning business, sports, and motivation, and works with executives at Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, State Farm, Nationwide, Humana Inc., Cigna, and The Coca-Cola Company.

Kyle proudly serves as a board member of K2 Adventure Foundation, and as an ambassador of No Barriers USA, The USO, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Travis Manion Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF), and the U.S. Special Forces’ The Honor Foundation (THF). He has also spent some of his most memorable moments meeting with recovering U.S. military veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center, and supporting service events for Air Force Academy and Navy SEAL Qualification Trainee programs, as well as to servicemen and women at Camp Pendleton, Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Leavenworth, Ft. Lewis and Ft. Myer.

He has appeared as a guest on Good Morning America, CBS The Early Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, ABC’s 20/20, and his story has been featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter, HBO`s Real Sports, and CNN’s Great Big Stories, as well as other countless television shows and editorial.

Kyle was also the focus of the moving documentary, “A Fighting Chance,” which chronicled his life and the pursuit of his first Mixed Martial Arts cage fight – which was produced by ESPN Films & SnagFilms and premiered on ESPN in 2010 and can currently be found on Netflix – with film sales proceeds benefitting injured armed forces veterans; and at 19, Kyle authored his account of his life experiences in The New York Times bestselling book, No Excuses (2005), which is still in print and in demand today.

Kyle's website:


Smashing Frog Seminar:


Kyle's Book:

No Excuses

Kyle's Documentary:

A Fighting Chance

Recommended Books:

Emerson: A Mind on Fire - Robert D Richardson

The Power of Myth - Joseph Campbell

Tribe - Sebastian Junger

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History - S. C. Gwynne

Recommended Movies:



Recommended Documentary:

Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS

Recommended YouTube Channel:

Academy of Ideas

Episode 123 - Jimm Walsh and Eric Wheaton


Jimm Walsh is a dynamic and motivational fire department educator. His presentations are informative, inspirational, and entertaining. Jimm utilizes an interactive style that creates a memorable experience and connects with audiences. 

Jimm is a Division Chief with Winter Park Fire Department in Central Florida, and the owner of VentEnterSearch.com. Jimm has lectured around the nation on various subjects including Leadership, and Truck Company Functions. Jimm has also taught at many large conferences including the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC.) He has a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida, has been credentialed as a Chief Fire Officer (CFO) and Chief Training Officer (CTO) by the Center for Public Safety Excellence and is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer (EFO) Program.

Jimm is a Rescue/Search Manager on an Urban Search and Rescue Team (FL-TF-4) and is a Planning Section Chief on the State of Florida Region Five Incident Management Team. Additional details about Jimm (including classes offered and booking information) can be found at JimmWalsh.com

Eric Wheaton is a second generation fireman for Winter Park Fire Department and is currently assigned as a Lieutenant on Truck 61. Eric has spent a majority of his career on the Truck Company. He is an instructor for the Special Operations and Truck Company Programs at Valencia College's Central Florida Fire Institute.

Eric also serves on Winter Park Fire Department Technical Rescue Team and is member of the Florida Task Force Four Urban Search and Rescue Team.

Vent Enter Search website:


Recommended Books:

Peter principle - Laurence J. Peter

Starting Strength - Mark Rippetoe

Recommended Movies:

War Documentaries

Crossfit Documentaries


Episode 122 - Matt Chan


Matt originally took up CrossFit in his late 20s to help improve his endurance as a Denver area firefighter. After four Top 10 finishes at the CrossFit Games (including the runner-up slot in 2012), Chan became a full-time athlete and one of the most popular and knowledgeable veterans in the sport. 

Already 30 when he made his Games debut in 2008, Chan has had to battle through injuries and out-work a growing field of younger challengers to maintain his drive for the podium. In 2013, despite nagging knee problems, he showed his heart and resolve by taking first place at a Regional competition for an incredible sixth straight year. Two years later, Matt’s return from injury at the 2015 Southwest Regionals produced a Top 10 finish—not enough for a return to the Games, but a good indication that this all-time great can’t be counted out just yet. 

As a member of the CrossFit Trainer Staff, Matt works CrossFit Level 1 Courses, CrossFit Level 2 Courses, and CrossFit Competitors Courses, a weekend course that he, Eric O'Connor, and Chris Spealler codeveloped. He also coaches competition-based classes at gyms in the Colorado front range.

Train For The Win Website:


Recommended Book:

Science and practice of strength training - Vladimir M Zatsiorsky

Recommended Movie:

The Big Lebowski

Episode 121 - Tom Foxley


It all started when...
...I was diagnosed with a heart condition which doctors told me could kill me. Long story short, it hasn't and it won't. That news though was enough to take me from an athletically gifted 13 year old to a weak, timid 14 year old. This lasted until I was 17 when a teacher read an extract from a book to our college class.

That extract flipped how I viewed the world, and how I viewed myself. I realised it was possible to learn to embrace intensity and discomfort. I realised it is possible to become the athlete and the man I want to be. Over the next few years, I changed my life around by mastering my mindset. This formed the basis of what I now teach athletes.

I went from skinny child to joining an elite branch of the British Military, racking up over 10,000 hours of functional fitness coaching and eventually to where I am now:

Inner Athlete coach for functional athletes of all abilities and host of a #1 ranked iTunes podcast, The Alpha Movement Podcast.

Most of my coaching is online through my Inner Athlete Performance Camps, however I'm currently taking my Mindset RX'd Seminar throughout Europe and will be touring the rest of the world in 2018.

Tom's Website:



Episode 120 - Craig Hanaumi


Craig Hanaumi is a community station officer with the Bellevue Police Department in Washington. He is one of BPD's defensive tactics instructors and is also a member of their recruitment team. Craig started his law enforcement career 15 years ago with the Honolulu Police Department. Born/raised on Oahu, Craig graduated from Aiea High School then attended the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa where he earned a BA in psychology.

Craig started skateboarding in 1985 and after a 25 year break he started skating again to connect with his community (& because it was fun). Throughout school Craig played the trombone and also uses music to connect. He has been training jiu-jitsu for almost 10 years and is a purple belt under Ryron and Rener Gracie.

Craig's Instagram - @craighanaumi

Recommended Book: 

O Great One! A Little Book about the Awesome Power of Recognition - David C. Novak

Recommended Movie:


Recommended Documentary:

Hoop Dreams

Episode 119 - Ashley Schwamberger


Ashley Schwamberger is a full time professional Firefighter and EMT with the Portsmouth Fire Department in Portsmouth, OHIO. She has enlisted with the Ohio Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer. 

Ashley is a proud mother to Boston, girlfriend to Ryan, daughter to the coolest parents Ron and Diane Bennett, and 555 Fitness staffer just to name a few things. She is dedicated to serving her community and country. 

When she isn’t busy working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling and exercising ... A LOT!

Ashley’s son Boston passed away from brain cancer, specifically an inoperable tumor called DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) on September 4, 2013. 

After Boston’s passing, Ashley was even more motivated to live a life of service and appreciation. But before she applied for the Fire Department, Ashley competed as an individual at the 2014 CrossFit Regionals in the Central East Region. Once she started working full time, she struggled with sleep deprivation, balancing working and competing, and dealing with the grief process of losing her son. 

Presently, Ashley feels the best she ever has. She has worked hard to find a healthy balance between work, training and nutrition, and travel, and most importantly to put her loved ones at the top of her priority list. She is looking forward to continuing to live a life of truly living and experiencing and always serving her country and local community.  

555 Fitness Website:


Recommended Books:

Pride and Ownership - Chief Rick Lasky

Twilight series -  Stephenie Meyer

Recommended Movies:

The Godfather

Last of the Mohicans

Pulp Fiction

Were Were Soldiers

The Departed

Recommended Television:

Anthony Bourdain's shows


Episode 118 - Julien Pineau II


Sports have been a part of Julien’s life since he was young and he’s been a state and national champion in a number of sports including soccer, swimming, and wrestling.  As an adult, he really found something he liked with MMA and Jiu-Jitsu and spent time traveling the world to learn from the best in the industry. That time spent with the best made him want to learn more about sport and movement so that he could coach others.

In 1993, he began his coaching career as a conditioning and grappling coach for the MMA gym where he trained and in 2008, he opened his own gym that focuses on strongman training. StrongFit was born and has evolved from a single gym to a full education program. 

Julien’s  brain is wired to see faulty patterns and visualize, in space, how people move. With his knack for diagnosing muscular and strength imbalances, he has developed his own system to identify what issues are and fight the root of the problem. He now travels the world delivering seminars to coaches who have the common goal of fixing people and ridding them of pain.

Strongfit Website:


Recommended Book:

Free Your Mind - M. P. Neary

Recommended Documentary:




Episode 117 - Dr Allison Brager


Dr Brager is a neurobiologist serving as an active duty Army officer with expertise in sleep and chronobiology. She has worked with human and animal models of study.  She has had continuous, independent research support from the National Institutes of Health and National Academy of Sciences for ten years. This work has examined genetic and environmental regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms and their relevance to resiliency to stress.

Dr Brager has undertaken substantial leadership and service for professional research societies and university departments. Most recently, she is Chair of the Public Advocacy committee for the Society for Research of Biological Rhythms and was Chair of the first-ever Gordon Seminar Series on Sleep Regulation. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Sleep Research Society as the Trainee Member-At-Large to implement and organize scientific and professional development programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Third, Dr Brager served as President of the department's graduate student council where she was involved with departmental admission, job searches, and graduate student affairs. In addition to 15+ original research publications, she has a popular neuroscience blog acknowledged by the Society for Neuroscience, have written op-ed and column pieces for Science and professional society bulletins.

Dr Brager's Webpage:


Dr Brager's Book - Meathead

Recommended Books:

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't - James C. Collins

Recommended Documentary:

Pumping Iron

Episode 116 - Stefan Magnusson and David Hultman


David Hultman is a Senior Officer Fire Protection Engineer, who studied at Luleå University. Since his post-graduate studies, David has worked within the fire & rescue service, and today he is District Chief in Strängnäs. David is also a certified fire investigator and has a position on the Board of the Swedish Fire Protection Association and on the Swedish Fire- and Risk Engineers Board.

Stefan Magnusson is a firefighter and the health & safety representative for the Skellefteå Fire & Rescue service. In 2006 Stefan co-founded the Healthy Firefighters project and he is the creator of the Skellefteå Model. Since 2007 Stefan has delivered hundreds of lectures on the Healthy Firefighters project and the Skellefteå Model, in Sweden and around Europe. Stefan has a position in the board of Firefighters Cancer Foundation. 

Healthy Firefighters website:


Recommended Books:

The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins

The Brothers Lionheart - Astrid Lindgren

Recommended Movies:

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Recommended TV:

Making a Murderer

Episode 115 - Dr David Frost


Dave is a Professor, Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and Registered Kinesiologist (RKin). He completed undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, health studies and physical and health education at Queen’s University, and received a Masters in sport biomechanics from Edith Cowan University and a doctorate in biomechanics from the University of Waterloo. His research interests include sport, exercise and occupational biomechanics, musculoskeletal health and injury prevention, movement screening, acute and long-term adaptations to exercise, firefighter wellness and fitness, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Dave’s current research is focused on helping people prepare for the physical demands of sport, work and life, and the application of theory to practice in exercise-related settings.

Dave has taught at three academic institutions (Edith Cowan University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto), served as the Director of Education for the Ontario Kinesiology Association and worked for 15 years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the United States, Australia and Canada with individuals of all ages, abilities and interests (e.g. Olympic and Professional athletes, firefighters, back pain patients). He frequently lectures on wellness, athletic performance and injury prevention, has authored several journal articles and book chapters on movement screening, assessment and exercise program design, and continues to advise numerous public and private organizations across the globe.

Dave is an engaging and passionate presenter who aspires to share evidence-informed ideas that inspire, empower, and challenge individuals and organizations to redefine health, wellness and performance. This drive extends from an enthusiasm for motivating others to achieve success in their own lives, and reflects a belief that education can be a powerful catalyst to facilitate positive change.

Performance Redefined Website:


7 Key Features Video:


Recommended Book:

Mindset - Carol Dweck

Recommended Documentary:



Episode 114 - Tim Kennedy II


Tim Kennedy’s legend began at his local Army recruiter’s office on September 12th, 2001. His training to earn his Green Beret was featured in the book “Chosen Soldier.” Kennedy is now a Ranger qualified Special Forces Sniper with deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and multiple other deployments around the world.

He is the only soldier to win the grueling 3 day All Army Combatives Tournament three times. Kennedy has a black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Modern Army Combatives. He is also one of the top ranked mixed martial arts fighters in the world, a position he achieved while simultaneously serving his country at the highest levels of special operations. He is currently ranked among the top Middleweights in the UFC. Tim has been featured on many television shows, most recently “Hunting Hitler” on the History Channel and his upcoming show "Hard to Kill" on the Discovery Channel.

Tim's Website:


Sheepdog Response Website:


Recommended Books:

The Purpose of Pain - Frances M Davis

The Screwtape Letters - C.S.Lewis

The Art of War - Sun Tzu

The Quran

The Bible

Recommended Movies:

The Last of the Mohicans


Black Hawk Down

Saving Private Ryan

Recommended TV:

Band of Brothers

Game of Thrones

True Detective

Episode 113 - Dr Craig Marker


raig Marker, Ph.D., Senior Instructor, CSCS, is a fitness enthusiast who has spent his life trying to help people improve their lives. As a professor, he works with students on how best to understand research and place it into context. He has published over fifty articles, chapters, and textbooks on psychology and research methods.

As a researcher, he understands the cutting edge of strength, sports performance, body composition, and nutrition. As a psychologist, he has focused on research and treatment of anxiety disorders, which positions him to understand motivation and the fear of making life changes.

Craig’s upcoming book, the AntiFragile Self, takes on the topic of building a stronger person in the mental and physical domains.

As a certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, Craig views kettlebells as one tool in the trade of forging a better person. He uses the Functional Movement Screen and multiple corrective movements to make sure his students are performing at their best for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Marker's Website:


Strongfirst Website:



Dr Marker's Book:

Anti-Fragile Self

Recommended Books:

Simple and Sinister - Pavel Tsatsouline

Messy: How to Be Creative and Resilient in a Tidy-Minded World - Tim Harford

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Episode 112 - Farris Barakat


Deah Bakarat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha.

The Our Three Winners Foundation is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Deah Barakat,Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha.  Known as Our Three Winners, they were each driven by a love for humanity and service.

n the aftermath of the hate crime that took their lives, the families established an endowment fund to carry on the dental and humanitarian relief and educational efforts that were a driving force in Deah, Yusor, and Razan's lives. Your investment in the Our Three Winners endowment provides not only a continuation of their legacy but also continued impact on communities at home and around the world through love and service. 

Please contact Farris if you would like him to speak in your community.

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