Episode 59 - Julia Dye


Julia Dye, Ph.D. works as the Vice President and CFO of Warriors, Inc., the entertainment industry’s premiere military advising company. She is also the Task Force Commander of Warriors Publishing Group.

She began with Warriors, Inc. on the film “Starship Troopers”. Subsequent projects include “Rough Riders”, “Wag the Dog”, “The Pacific” for HBO, and the Medal of Honor series for Electronic Arts. Dye has also worked on programming for History Channel and Discovery Channel and was Weapons Master on Alexander with Oliver Stone. Her acting credits include “Galaxy Quest” and “Bad City Blues.”

Julia tells stories because she loves to entertain and see a certain secret smile from her readers when she strikes a chord. She’s spun stories of one kind or another since her childhood in Milwaukee, through college, and into a successful career in show business and publishing.

She writes about everything that interests her, and has an affinity for stories with a military flavor. Her Dad was a bomber pilot during World War II, and she married a Marine. She’s won a Gold Medal from the Military Writers Society of America. Her tales ring true—which is a very cool thing for any author to claim.

She currently lives between Los Angeles, close to the entertainment business, and Lockhart, Texas, close to her heart.

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Through My Daughter's Eyes - Julia Dye

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