Episode 23 - Paul Roberts

I've been involved in the physical realm for as long as I can remember. Got a blackbelt in Japanese Martial Arts (Wado-ryu) when I was 13, transitioned into Hockey and other than school, thats what my entire childhood and young adulthood consisted of and kept me out of trouble. Played Junior hockey for a couple of years in the Western States Hockey League (WSHL) then got back into Martial Arts and ultimately MMA and had a few "professional" fights. Through Combat Sports is how I got invited to be a part of "Gym Jones," I started training with them in late 2007/2008ish and have been completely consumed in Strength and Conditioning ever since, and started training people formally in 2011. I also am currently in the process of opening up a new gym and have a great team built to do so. 

I believe we can, and should learn something from everyone and make a conscious effort to do so. If we think we've arrived, we are no longer learning and obsolete. I have also had many great influences throughout my life and wouldn't be near the person I am with out them and my experiences. I have also been very fortunate to able to meet, learn from, and consult with great fitness professionals, athletes, and top tier Military assets from around the globe. 

It took me a while to figure out to follow my passions but literally my entire professional life has centered around service. I have been a firefighter for 5 years, and was just recently promoted to Engineer. Prior to firefighting I was going to school, (got a couple of AS degrees) training in Combat Sports, and literally digging graves; working as a Cemetery Sexton. I currently serve the same City (West Jordan) I grew up in, and have been employed by since 1999 when I was in High School. We have a great Department that serves an area South West of Salt Lake City. My loyalty runs deep, sometimes to a fault.

I have a small family, with a great wife, and two amazing children. Ultimately I do everything for them.

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Books mentioned: Extreme Ownership by Jock Willink and Leif Babin

All books by Ryan Holiday.

Documentary: The Last Gladiators