Episode 44 - Dr Michael Lange

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Dr. Michael Lange, optometrist has worked extremely hard at developing one of the top eye care centers in the country. Lange Eye Care and Associates was started on March 15, 1993 by Dr. Michael Lange. Ocala Florida was his very first location and the beginning of his dream to build a state of the art eye care center utilizing the latest in technology.

Lange Eye Care has optometric physicians and ophthalmologists on staff to provide full coverage in some locations seven days a week.  Michael Lange OD, CNS , the Ocala eye doctor, worked seven days a week, 18 hrs a day for the first ten years to build such an impressive organization of eye care specialists. Dr. Lange states, “If you work hard enough, long enough and truly have a passion for what you do, you will succeed.” He adds, “To be extremely successful it takes a lot of sacrifice as well”.

Dr. Lange has been hosting his own live talk radio show called “Ask the Doctor” since April of 1993. This is a live call-in show that can be heard on multiple networks throughout the South and live video streaming throughout the world via the internet and on I heart radio and In tune Radio. The talk show is all about educating the public about the latest in eye care and nutrition.

One of Dr. Lange’s first degrees is in psychology and he is also one of a select group of optometrists in the country that is a  certified nutrition specialist. The combination of psychology, optometry and nutrition enables Dr. Lange to tactfully handle just about any question that comes over the air. His unique gift of discussing even the toughest questions with patients from all over the country in easy to understand terminology has made him one of the most popular talk show hosts in Florida and around the world. Dr. Lange also has a degree in physiological optics that only enhances and further qualifies him to answer a variety of questions.

He always states, “This is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam”. He lectures to doctors and the public on the importance of proper nutrition, dietary modifications and lifestyle changes for overall health and good eye health.

Dr Lange's website: http://www.langeeyecare.com/about-us/

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