Episode 61 - Dr David Hindle

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David Hindle, MD MBBS

David Hindle is a board-certified emergency medicine physician with ERMED in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and a pre-hospital flight physician with the University of Wisconsin Med Flight Program. 

He grew up in the United Kingdom, and after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology at University College London, went onto medical school at Imperial College London, St. Mary’s Hospital, graduating with Distinction in Surgery. After an elective rotation in emergency medicine in Las Vegas, he moved to the USA for his specialty residency training in Emergency Medicine. He completed his residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, serving as Chief Resident.

He worked at University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Level 1 Trauma Center, before moving back to Wisconsin as faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin, serving as the Associate Residency Program Director for Emergency Medicine, and Director of the Emergency Medicine Continued Medical Education Program.  

Dr Hindle currently works in the emergency department at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Milwaukee, and as a pre-hospital flight physician with the University of Wisconsin Med Flight Program.

As an emergency medicine educator, he holds an academic appointment with the University of Wisconsin. He was the course director for the regional emergency medicine resuscitation conference ResuscitatED, and is currently a member of the Air Medical Physician Association. 

His most recent education interests have focused on the application of performance psychology skills and techniques, founded in the arenas of sport and aviation, and how they can be applied to the medical field, both in the pre-hospital, and in-hospital environments.

Twitter: BritFltdoc

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