Episode 68 - Ric Jorge


⦁    Ric Jorge is a 29year veteran of the fire service, spending 24years as a career firefighter with Palm Beach County (PBCFR has 50 firehouses covering 746,000 citizens) and is a national and state certified instructor. Ric has developed and delivered several department wide trainings, and served on many committees while on the job with PBCFR. 

⦁    Ric has delivered lectures and H.O.T. classes Internationally such as Ecuador S.A. and nationally at Indiana (FDIC), Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo, Fire Rescue East (Daytona), Firemanship Conference (Portland Oregon), Orlando Fire Conference, Metro Atlanta Firefighter Conference (MAFFC), 50th State Fire Conference (Hawaii), Florida State Fire Academy, and Firehouse Expo (Baltimore & Nashville), Great Florida Fire School, Texas Fire Educators Conference, Berks County Fire Symposium (Penn.), Command Officer Boot Camp (Pensacola, Fl.), LSU Co Officer Leadership Conference.

⦁    Ric has developed several courses, two of which have drawn national interest (Impact This: Forcing Impact resistant Openings, & Resiliency Development: Tactical Resiliency Training). 

⦁    Ric is published in book chapters (Pennwell “FF 1 & 2 Training Book”, Dave Dodson & John Normans book “The Art of Reading Buildings”), and has also authored articles for publication in magazines (Fire Engineering and 1st Responder), newsletters (Fire Department Training Network), and on line blogs (The Back-step Firefighter) and has a book on resiliency being published by Pennwell in 2018. Ric Jorge can be contacted at surfdogs4@yahoo.com and some of his work can be found on FaceBook under “Tactical Resiliency Training” as well as on YouTube.

Recommended books:

The Bible

The Art Of War - Sun Tzu

The Iliad - Homer

It Doesn't Take A Hero - Gen. Normal Schwarzkopf

Other Authors: 

Dan Millman, Dannion Brinkly, Richard Bach, James Redfield

Recommended Movies: 

Pulp Fiction, It's a Wonderful Life, Fight Club, Forest Gump, Ferris Beulers Day off, Good Will Hunting and anything by Monty Python