Episode 86 - Jason Kasper


Jason Kasper is the bestselling author of the David Rivers series. He served in the United States Army for fifteen years, beginning as a Ranger private in 2001 and ending as a Special Forces captain and team commander in 2016.

Jason is a West Point graduate and a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and was an avid marathon and ultramarathon runner, skydiver, and BASE jumper, all of which inspire his fiction.  He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Cary, North Carolina.

Jason's website:


Jason's Books:

Greatest Enemy

Offer of Revenge

Dark Redemption

Recommended Books:

How Not to Die - Gene Stone and Michael Greger

Talent is Overrated - Geoff Colvin

Willpower - Roy Baumeister and John Tierney

Recommended Movies:

Team America World Police