Episode 220 - Josh Mantz

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Josh Mantz, a former Major in the United States Army, is a professional speaker, author, and the CEO of Asymmetric Mind, LLC (www.asymmetricmind.com). Stemming from a foundation at West Point, the nation's premiere leadership institute, Josh led units in counterinsurgency environments in Baghdad, repaired fractured medical units, and built leadership development programs for Fortune 500 companies in the private sector. His teachings stem from direct experience in some of the world's most adverse environments, including his ability to overcome a fatal gunshot wound in 2007 after being shot and killed by an enemy sniper on the streets of Baghdad; only to be miraculously revived after his heart stopped for a full 15-minutes.

His #1 best-selling book, The Beauty of a Darker Soul, carries a universal message about psychological trauma, empowering people to overcome their most challenging experiences and lead themselves. With expertise in leadership strategies, client engagement, and psychological adversity, Josh has synthesized messages that disrupt our past constructs of the world, opening people up to creativity, innovation, and optimal performance across all domains of life. Josh currently resides in San Jose, California, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in consciousness studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma Through the Power of Human Connection

Recommended Book:

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl