Episode 215 - Lionel and Joanna Crowther

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Lionel & Joanna Crowther intro:

Lionel has been a Fire Fighter for the last 21 years and is now out as a Lieutenant with the Winnipeg Fire Department.

On Feb. 4, 2007, a tragic fire changed the lives of the Crowther Family. Lionel and two other firefighters were caught in a flashover, where he suffered severe burns to 70% of his body. Tragically, Captain Lessard and Captain Nichols did not survive.

Since that incident, Lionel, his wife Joanna & their family have epitomized the meaning of resiliency, hope and survival. Lionel is here to explain the many challenges and triumphs he and his family faced because of this tragic incident as a Fire Fighter, from the very personal view of being a husband, father and survivor!

Lionel is a Master Instructor for the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Program, Master Instructor for the Petzl EXO Escape System, Trainer & Peer Supporter for Burn Survivor Fire Fighters & families, graduate of the West Point Sciences of Behavior Program through the LAFD Leadership Academy.


Lionel Crowther

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