Episode 38 -Chris Lytle

Chris Lytle, is a proud husband and father of four. His children, Keegan, Kaylin, Corie, and Jake, live at home with him and his wife Kristin in New Palestine, IN when the two oldest are not away at college. He is a 16-year member of the Indianapolis Fire Department, and a retired American Mixed Martial artist, boxer and a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Born in Indianapolis, IN and a 1993 Southport High School graduate, Lytle attended Indiana University, graduating with a degree in Sports Management. While volunteering his time in the community, Chris also spends some of his free time as a coach and mentor at his gym, Indy Boxing and Grappling, that is open and free of charge to the youth of Indiana under the age of 18. In 2012, he ran for Indiana State Senate for District 28.

As a motivational speaker, Lytle has traveled the nation speaking to schools, foundations and the troops about strength, discipline and resilience. In 2014 he was also able to add author and founder of The Chris Lytle Foundation to his list of accomplishments. As a father to a child with autism, Lytle is passionate about the subject of bullying and its onslaught in the schools and workplaces in today’s society.

With the recent release of his book, “Lights Out on Bullying” Lytle is aiming to speak to the schools across the state, and the country, about the importance of acceptance and compassion. Join us in the anti-bullying movement that is sweeping the nation.


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