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Episode 25 - Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols, CSCS graduated from Troy University with a BS in Exercise Physiology.  From there, he became an Assistant Strength Coach for Troy University for 18 months before joining the Navy in October 2002. Nichols is a retired navy seal.  He finished 11 Years of Military Service (2002-2013) SEAL Graduated Buds Class 246 and received (SEAL) Warfare Designation on May 17, 2003. He was Assigned to SEAL Team 5 (May 2003 - May 2007) NSW (May 2007 - Oct 2013)

Jeff has discovered the importance of recovery. read his article recover like you mean it.

During his time, Nichols was the Active Duty Human Performance Department Head. Nichols is currently an Exercise Physiologist for 2XU & Virginia High Performance in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Jeff's Website: virginiahp.com

Instagram: jeffcscs

Facebook: Jeff Nichols Cscs

Book mentioned: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Movies mentioned: Journey and Martian